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Comprehensive Care For All Of Life’s Transitions

From home health care that supports your independence to end-of-life care that prioritizes your comfort, Bonita Springs provides an umbrella of palliative care services tailored to meet you where you’re at in your journey.

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At Bonita Springs Healthcare Service We Offer:

The Types Of Care You’ll Find At Bonita Springs

As you’re seeking care for yourself or a loved one, it can be extremely difficult to understand the different kinds of care that is offered.

At Bonita Springs, we offer home and palliative care services, which is really a term for an umbrella of services. Our care transitions with you, whether you need support in your home for medication management or cooking to in-home hospice, Bonita Springs can deliver the services you need, as you need them.

Palliative care is not a physical place you go to receive medical support, but rather a dynamic model of care that is steady in your needs and desires at every phase in your journey.

Our home and palliative care options include home care, hospice care, and home health care services.


Mission Statement and Philosophy of Care

Syeda Mamoona Omer CEO and Administrator of Bonita Springs Healthcare Services is a medical doctor who has been teaching as a Professor Of Nursing for programs on campus and online. When her father passed away, she realized that there is a need for a small, family-owned hospice care facility in the surrounding Gilroy area. Moving forward with the passion in mind, she got the opportunity to open one in Gilroy, California.

“I want to dedicate my passion and my work to my Father Syed Ahsan Gilani 1937-2012″

“Our parents sacrifice forms the foundation upon which our work is built.”

Compassion has no limit, kindness has no substitute. We offer flexible solutions for your hospice needs.

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Going the extra mile. Designated care at its best!


Compassionate care is a part of our culture at Bonita Springs Healthcare Services. It includes empathy, active listening, and sensitivity — it's also about valuing patients and their families at a difficult time. It embraces human kindness, dignity, and respect.

We strive to care for patients in the environment they would choose and actively encourage patient and family involvement in care decisions because social and personal factors can be as important as medical ones for patients at all stages of life.


Supportive care can help the patient and family to cope with progressive life-limiting disease to every-day health concerns from diagnosis, through treatment and continuing illness or death and into bereavement. It can help the patient to maximize the benefits of treatment and to live as well as possible with the effects of the disease.

Availability of support can be a critical part of having as good a death as possible-ensuring the burdens of patients and families are shared.


This is about treating everyone as an individual — an extension of being person-centered. It includes everyone with different needs and wants. It involves accepting and recognizing the unique circumstances of each patient and family-beliefs, community, home, support, relationships, and age. We also make assessments and manage pain and other symptoms in a way that is appropriate to each patient and their families.

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Our Aims

  • Bonita Springs Healthcare Services aims to promote the best quality of life according to the wishes of the individual person.
  • We aim to meet the overall needs of the person and their family.
  • Our services include physical and emotional care for patients together with support for the people who are close to them.
  • We aim to meet the needs of people from all cultures and communities.

We take a team approach to patient care and employee a team of health and social care professionals, which may include medical and nursing staff, specially trained in pain and symptom control; occupational therapists; chaplains; physiotherapists, and social workers.

Bonita Springs Healthcare Services aims to promote the best quality of life according to the wishes of the individual person

We aim to meet the overall needs of the person and their family.

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