8 Considerations For Choosing A Residential Care Facility

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Get the best hospice care in a setting that feels like home.

There are a variety of hospice options available, but choosing an in-patient hospice facility such as Hospice Care Home from Bonita Springs Healthcare Services in Hollister becomes an option when needed medical attention at home grows, and caretakers are looking for an alternative to assisted living facilities, nursing homes, or a hospital.

Hospice Care Home is your answer to peace of mind hospice care. Located in beautiful Hollister and within close proximity to Monterey, Santa Cruz, and Santa Clara counties, you or your loved one receives the highest level of care in a calm and relaxing home setting. Learn more about what to consider when choosing a residential care facility in today’s post.

What To Know About Residential Care Facilities

Because there are no federal standards for residential care facilities, it’s vital to thoroughly research each and every residential care home you’re considering.

Before surveying the exterior and interior of these small care homes, it’s important to really understand your needs — or the needs of a loved one — and begin creating a list of questions and concerns.

It’s easy to judge these facilities based on their aesthetics — which is hugely important — but at the end of the day, an experienced company that has a vetted and trusted background in hospice care is what will be most important and trumps any facade.

Care with dignity and empathetic and upbeat caregivers create an environment where residents are more likely to be happy, whereas marble tile and a fridge stocked with local kombucha do not equal quality care.

What are the right answers to your questions about hospice care in a residential facility? They all depend on the needs of the patient. Signs of a front-runner for a potential residential care facility include one that’s clean and tidy.

Not only can you take notes of the interior, but it’s also very important to take note of the appearance of the other residents and how the staff interacts with them. Ask yourself, Would my loved one fit in here? and if it’s an environment you feel comfortable about, learn more about the facility.

Visiting more than one hospice home is also essential when narrowing down your decision. There may be a real urgency to get into a facility from both sides, but if quality and expert care is a priority, make your final decision after you visit a handful of residential care facilities.

Below are eight considerations to review when looking into a hospice home.

Finances - How are the fees broken up, and does the monthly rate include all the fees? Does the facility accept Medicaid, or is there a window when you have to pay out-of-pocket?

Money - Who manages a resident’s money? Does the staff have access?

Health - Who makes doctor’s appointments, and how are any health issues/emergencies handled?

Transportation - Outside of medical appointments, does the facility provide transportation to run errands like the grocery store or to events like church services?

Pets - Furry friends brighten any home — are pets allowed to live in the hospice home?

Meals - Does the facility provide meals that appeal to your loved one, or accommodate their dietary requirements?

Security - What does security look like for patients? Does it accommodate those with dementia?

Medications - How are medications managed? Does the staff administer all the medications, or are the patients reminded to take them? Also, who refills and picks up the medications?

Hospice Care Home From Bonita Springs Healthcare Services

Hospice Care Home is a residential care facility licensed to care specifically for hospice patients only. With six rooms — four private and one semi-private — we provide around-the-clock hospice care for every patient.

Our comfortable environment is tailored to our patients for premier hospice care and support from cheerful and experienced hospice professionals.

Hospice Care Home accepts Medicare, Medi-Cal, and most private insurances and has an interdisciplinary team on-site that includes a wide range of professionals including doctors, nurses, dieticians, social workers, etc.

Begin This Part Of Your Journey With Hospice Care Home

If staying at home is no longer an option in your hospice journey, Hospice Care Home is an ideal alternative. Our Hollister residence is a beautiful home that features the following:

  • Licensed and equipped to care for up to six hospice patients
  • Care provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Four private rooms, one semi-private room
  • Rooms partially furnished (hospital beds, dressers, and nightstands)
  • Pain & symptom management
  • Assistance with personal care & hygiene
  • Spiritual, psychosocial, bereavement & grief support
  • Companionship & socialization
  • Laundry service & housekeeping
  • Transportation
  • Customized care plans overseen by your personal physician
  • And more!

Ready to get started? Connect with Bonita Springs Healthcare Services to learn more about Hospice Care Home, schedule a tour, check admissions criteria, or check room availability.