Approaching A Conversation On Hospice Care

Bringing up hospice is a difficult, and oftentimes, uncomfortable conversation — Bonita Springs Healthcare Services is here to help.

Creating dialogue around end-of-life care for a loved one surfaces a myriad of emotions for everyone involved but once the conversation is initiated, it can often be a healing and comforting conversation.

Has your loved one been diagnosed with a life-limiting illness? Bonita Healthcare Services provides comprehensive services from home health care to hospice services — in all the transitions, we’re here to support you. Explore more about how to approach the tough topic of hospice care in today’s post.


When Is It The Right Time To Talk About Hospice?

At Bonita Springs Healthcare Services, in everything that we do, we always recommend that early and preventative action serve those best with a life-limiting illness — the sooner you can overcome the delicate topic of talking about hospice, the more time everyone has time to prepare and accommodate the best care possible.

It’s important to begin the conversation early so if your loved one’s health rapidly declines, there is a plan and directives that have been made and can be put into motion. A good indication that the conversation can take place includes:

Your loved one has been diagnosed with a terminal illness

  • Increased ER visits and hospitalizations have occurred
  • Your loved one’s health is consistently declining
  • Your loved one no longer is seeking a curative treatment
  • A health care professional suggests hospice care

Starting The Conversation

Confronting the reality that your loved one needs hospice care is not easy, yet seeking and getting the services that are needed not only alleviates stress, but also lifts the burden and tackles the conversation that needs to be addressed.

Make an effort to create quality time around this conversation — schedule a good time in a relaxed environment to help ease any anxieties. A private space that is free from distractions is helpful when facilitating this topic.

Some find family gatherings around the holidays to be a more natural and fitting time, but at the end of the day, choose a time that works best for you and your loved one. Be open to what your loved one has to say, but also be clear about your concern for their health.

Explain The Benefits Of Hospice

Receiving care is a daunting transition and can evoke the feeling of powerlessness in those with a life-limiting illness, so reiterate why you think hospice is a good choice.

Because hospice care can be employed in a variety of settings — at home, in a facility, in a hospice-specific home, etc. — your loved one can choose what’s most appropriate for them and then be able to take advantage of pain and symptom management, and other life-enriching resources.

Taking The Next Step Towards Hospice

Once you’re able to have a conversation about hospice care with your loved one, it’s time to take the next step of getting them the best care possible.

Ask questions about what kind of care they would like, how they want to spend their remaining days, and any requests about who they want to provide in their hospice care.

Once everyone is clear on the type of hospice care, you can begin researching different options in your area.

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Bonita Springs Health Care Services provides two distinct types of hospice care including hospice care at home and our skilled facility, Hospice Home.

When you partner with us, our compassion has no limits, and our kindness has no substitute. The quality hospice care you’ll find is staffed with skilled and knowledgeable healthcare professionals that prioritize you.

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