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The Benefits Of Hospice Care

The Benefits Of Hospice Care

Get quality and compassionate hospice care from Bonita Springs Healthcare Services in Gilroy.

If you or your loved one has been diagnosed with a life-limiting illness, hospice care is a conversation that will most likely have to happen sooner rather than later. And while it’s extremely difficult to imagine the last stages of life, having a plan in place that respects your wishes is integral.

Partner with Bonita Springs Healthcare Services in Gilroy for the leading hospice care services. Learn more about what hospice care is and its benefits in today’s post.

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What Is Hospice Care?

Hospice care is a type of care that supports those with life-limiting illnesses — it’s not curative, but rather focuses on the comfort and quality of life in the end stages. Hospice care is not a place, it’s a model of care that can be provided at home, a private hospice facility, or in a hospital.

At Bonita Springs, we provide hospice care both at home and in our private faculty, Hospice Care Home in Hollister. Hospice is a part of our palliative care umbrella that provides a team of healthcare professionals for physical, emotional, and spiritual support.

Hospice is for anyone with a life-limiting diagnosis, regardless of the stage of illness or age, and can be a transitional type of care where patients go in and out of hospice as they meet the criteria.

Benefits Of Hospice

Hospice care can be extremely valuable to those with a life-limiting illness — not only does it take into account the type of care you want and offer pain and symptom management, but it also supports your loved ones.

Emotional Support

Hospice care stretches far beyond physical care and provides some of the best emotional support for you and your loved ones. Coping with the reality that this is the end stage of life stirs up many emotions for everyone.

Hospice care provides grief and bereavement counseling from compassionate professionals. Navigate this tender time with your loved ones and get the extra support and benefit of counseling services offered at Bonita Springs Healthcare Services.

Comfortable Surroundings

Hospice care from Bonita Springs is provided both at home and in our live-in private hospice facility, so you’ll always be surrounded by a familiar environment that is comfortable. While living with a life-limiting illness causes discomfort, you’ll be monitored by healthcare professionals in an environment that brings you comfort.

Expert Medical Care

An interdisciplinary hospice care team is assigned to you to provide pain and symptom management to help keep you as pain-free and comfortable as possible. Together, they’ll honor your goals to reflect and respect your choices about end-of-life care.

Receive In-Home and Private Hospice Care Today!

Bonita Springs Healthcare Services is here to support you from the beginning of your hospice journey. Connect with us to discuss what hospice care option is right for you, and get all of your major questions answered.

We understand this is a very difficult time, but rest assured, we’ll honor you and your loved ones in any decision you make.

For more information about the hospice care provided by Bonita Springs Healthcare Services, reach out to us today!