The Benefits Of Palliative Care

The Benefits Of Palliative Care

Palliative care is expansive and meets the needs of many of those facing a wide range of health issues.

Palliative care is centered on improving the quality of life for those who are experiencing a major health event or life-altering illnesses. It’s a highly supportive form of care and a model anchored in providing comprehensive care that’s not only physical, but emotionally, spiritually, and socially-focused.

Bonita Springs Healthcare Services, serving Gilroy and the surrounding areas, provides palliative care as an overarching care model to meet you exactly where you’re at. Learn more about the benefits of palliative care in today’s post.

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Why Palliative Care?

You don’t have to delay care until a later phase of your illness — get the support you need with palliative care. People experiencing a major health event or life-altering illness can improve their quality of life through palliative care.

This approach to care utilizes an interdisciplinary team that includes doctors, nurses, social workers, and chaplains to better determine and manage stressors that can greatly impact the physical, social, psychological, and spiritual components of illness.

Palliative care is provided by primary care physicians, medical specialists, and private healthcare companies such as Bonita Springs Healthcare Services.

Palliative care is comprehensive and tailored to the patient’s needs, so it will look different from patient to patient. It is available to everyone who has had a major health event regardless of age, treatment choice, disease stage, or prognosis.

Palliative care is transitional and can be implemented throughout curative treatments, or it can progress into hospice care if it becomes a life-limiting disease that requires the focus switching from life-prolonging treatments to comfort and end-of-life care.

Benefits Of Palliative Care

The main focus of palliative care is to heighten the quality of life for those with serious illnesses including cancer, kidney disease, COPD, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, etc.

Symptom Care

Palliative care addresses discomfort from symptoms associated with illness that may include pain, depression, fatigue, shortness of breath, loss of appetite, difficulties sleeping, anxiety, and more. A palliative care team works together to create a healthcare plan that meets your needs while improving your quality of life.

Personalized Care

When you’re dealing with a life-altering illness, so many things can be missed when it comes to your care because every healthcare professional is operating individually. With palliative care, you have a team of professionals working together to deliver personalized care — they’re all on the same page and in the loop.

This team works with you to match your treatment options to your goals, ensuring everyone knows what you want and need. As a patient, you get more control over your care.

Team-Focused Care

With palliative care, you don’t just have one healthcare professional who then delegates the different types of care you may need. You instead have a variety of specialists who work with you, your family, and other healthcare professionals so you can get the care that you want.

A palliative care team is with you and provides an extra layer of support throughout your journey.

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