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F P.

Gilroy, CA

The staff is attentive and compassionate. They understand how difficult this can be for families. They take time to answer questions and offer support. Thank you for your care.


Beth A.

Morgan Hill, CA

I cannot say enough good things about Bonita Springs! In October, my husband’s oncologist told us it was time to stop treatment. I interviewed several hospice agencies (big & small) and my gut just told me that Bonita Springs was the one for us. I especially liked that an actual nurse came out for the interview rather than a representative who just does their Marketing/Sales (as was the case with the bigger agencies).

While my husband was only on hospice for 11 days before he passed, no words can describe what we went through those days. But, the nurses (Barbara & Nita) and the doctor (Dr. Omar) were right there by our side. They insisted that I call any time day or night whenever I felt I needed them. I could call Barbara at 2 am and she would pick up immediately or call me back within minutes and never made me feel like it was an imposition. They visited us more than the contract required and stayed as long as we wanted them to. They were always extremely...


Coco T.

San Miguel, CA

Sweet, caring loving care. Local hospice in Gilroy. they actually care. What a concept….. This hospice is the result of doctor Omar’s dream. of providing hospice care to our local people. She has dedicated this hospice to her father. What a wonderful concept. Everyone from the receptionist to the aids to the nurses and docs, social workers and spiritual counselors are dedicated to providing support, loving care and the very best environment for people in need. They are truly dedicated kindhearted loving people who put compassion above everything. They are true angels. When you call in the middle of the night you are connected to either the director of nursing or to Dr. Omar herself… Not an answering service. You get a living breathing soul who is dedicated to their calling. Thank you Dr. Omar and all of your wonderful, sweet, caring family.


Dale S.

San Francisco, CA

It is always a difficult time for families to chose end of life care for their loved one. Fortunately when the time came for our Mother, I had 2 former colleagues who worked for Bonita Springs Hospice Care. I can’t say enough about the caring and compassionate care the doctors(Doctor’s Omer and Protsman), nurses (Brandy, Wendy), social workers (Pam), chaplains (Dace) and aides provided for my Mother and for myself and my family members. I thank each and every one of them for the care provided for my Mother in her last days,


Marcia Walden

(the Mark Schneider family, Gilroy)

When my dad passed away this past June we were blessed with the loving care of Dr. Omer and her staff. Dr. Omer was gentle with my mom, kind, compassionate, and so very willing to explain everything we would experience, to family as well as our dad. You could not do better than these wonderful people to guide you, or your loved one, to their next journey; and to be there at the end to support the family. Thank you, Dr. Omer, and all the ladies who are angels here on earth that came to care for my dad.